Tailored cash flow solutions that enable organizations to grow globally and overcome challenges


DS-Concept aims to provide powerful international cash flow solutions, tailored for our global clients, in new and innovative ways. We strive to develop mutually beneficial relationships with numerous organizations to promote the sustainable growth of the global market.

Intelligent Trade Finance

Cash flow is the decisive factor for the development and growth of your enterprise. It creates agility for your decisions as an entrepreneur. Strategic decisions are critical to survive in today's changing global economy. Only good cash flow allows freedom in strategic decisions.

Founded in 2000, with more than 20 offices in 13 countries and affiliates including our headquarters in Germany, DS-Concept is at the forefront of international trade finance. Spearheaded by two experts, economist Dr. Dieter Spickermann and attorney-at-law Ansgar Hütten, DS-Concept is comprised of experts around the world that truly understand international trade and trade finance.

As a Germany-based finance organization with excellent connections in international equity markets, we provide liquidity for international trading enterprises in a variety of industries around the globe. Servicing the cash flow of the exporters who do not want to be at the mercy of long payment terms or the volatility of their currencies, DS-Concept assumes your international receivables and immediately provides the monetary means needed for the proper financial control and strategic asset allocation in an international business climate.

With our global network operating on a worldwide basis, DS-Concept has its fingers on the market’s pulse and continues to grow into new territories while our clients continue to grow their businesses globally as well.

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